Saturday, December 8, 2007

Old Friends

We went out Saturday night with Don and Amie Mumpower. They have been good friends of ours for a long time. We have known both of them since high school. We may not talk every day, or stay in touch like we should--but when we get together, it is just like"picking up where we left off". We decided to pencil in a time to "do dinner" and just do it. . .which is exactly what we did. . .We met at Fun Expedition and ate the buffet, and then let the kids play. . .They had a great time. They hadn't gotten together to play in quite some time. .I think Parker and Ian had a great time. . .(I did't take my camera--these are from my cell phone. . .pretty good pics for a phone)Macey and Meredith did too. . .Cade didn't really play with either one of them specifically, but he had fun. . .This picture looks strange. . . Macey was moving and it almost looks "ghostly". . . Oooohhhh. . .scary. . . . You know you are considered a "gadget geek" when you take your lap top to Fun Expedition. . : ) I had photographed Parker and Meredith last week, and I took my laptop for Amie to look at her pics. . .So we sat and caught up on what was going on with each other, and looked at pics on the laptop. . . Thanks Amie for a great night out on the town. . .We had a blast. .The kids too. . We need to make sure we don't wait so long before we do this again!! Love you guys!! Miss you too! ; )

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