Sunday, December 9, 2007

Children's program

Cade had his first performance in the children's choir tonight at church. Let me tell you--it was different than any other performance from an "Allen child". . . He started off being cute. . .singing a little loud into the microphone. . . Mrs. Phyllis had to call him down a couple of times and then she even moved the microphone away. . . then he got a little out of hand. . pushing and shoving with the little boy next to him. . fighting on stage. . He is a mess. . James had a serious discussion with him after the program. . . and we also made him apologize to Mrs. Phyllis, his teacher. We told him how proud of him we are. . . for learning all of the songs, and being brave enough to be on stage. . .but we weren't very proud of him misbehaving on stage. He told us when he got home that he would never act that way again and he was sorry. Bless his little heart. . .
Here are a few pictures of Ian and Macey's program. . . I took a few pics. .and then had to leave to go and get ready for our class Sunday School party. . .Ian and Macey you all did a wonderful job. . . See if you can give your brother a few pointers on how to act on stage??? OK?

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Kristie said...

Bless his heart, that sweet little ball of love! (You know the voice that I am using right now...) Should I say heheheheh or hahahha!