Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Parties and Parties and Parties all Day!

Today was Party Central day for the Allen family at school. First thing this morning was gingerbread house day in Macey's class. I had to be there at 8:45 and we began the tedious process of building these beautiful gingerbread houses. Miss Keys, Macey's teacher baked ALL weekend to get ready for this project. She outdid herself. Here she is explaining to the kids where to begin. They were adorable and the kids had a blast putting them together, and decorating them. . .Kelsey, Kendall, Macey and Katie building their houses. . .Macey putting her roof on. . . They were full of creative ideas. . . and couldn't help themselves from eating a piece of candy or two. . . Here is Macey's finished house. .after she brought it home. . .and Ian DID help her get here in one piece. . . After an hour and a half here, it was time to move on to Ian's Christmas Brunch. . . Funny how things change as the kids get older. . .I didn't really help do anything in Ian's class, I just stopped by so I could spend some time with Ian. They had some delicious foods--egg casserole, fruit, yogurt cups, muffins, and juice. Ian thouroughly enjoyed himself eating. . . : ) Then they played "Are you smarter than a 5th Grader?" and Mr. Hubbard (the assistant principal) was their contestant. They played it on the Smart board. . .They are voting for their answers. . .They had a great time answering Christmas trivia. . . and waiting to see what Mr. Hubbard's answers were. . . Here is Ian's teacher, Mrs. Gullion, tallying up the score. . .They also made a snowflake ornament out of clear beads (Ian struggled with this one a little bit. . .he kept telling me it looked deformed--He isn't necessarily the crafty one in the house) But it looks like a snowflake-which is all that matters. . . : ) I kissed Ian good bye and told him to make sure he helped Macey home with her gingerbread house, and he agreed to do that--We will see how that transpires. . .

Last but not least--Mr. Cade's class party. . . Here is Mrs. Fuller finishing up a lesson on matching before the party begins. . .His classmates are so sweet, and they just had a great time decorating their Christmas tree ornament with glitter. . .There was glitter EVERYWHERE!! They played a game where each child won a prize, Cade was a little excited when he won!and then they all had a snack. . .Cade ate the cheese puffs off of his plate and called it quits. . .Cade's table enjoying their Christmas party snacks. . . .Santa Claus came to Cade's class this morning and all of the children got their pictures made with him. . . I will post that picture tomorrow. . . when Cade gets to bring ALL of the ornaments he has made home. . . He can't wait to hang them on our tree. Cade also had a special treat today. Mrs. Kerns, the aid in Cade's class, had hip surgery and has been out for a month or so. She came to class today to visit with the kids. . .Cade was so glad to see her. . . She said she won't be back to work until February sometime, but she looked great. . .All in all, we had a great day. .It is really nice for all 3 kids to be at the same school. This will be the only year EVER that this will happen, so I will enjoy every minute of it. That is one of the wonderful benefits of my job. . . I work at night, when all of the world is asleep. . .but I don't have to miss ANYTHING! Sometimes I am a little sleep deprived, but it is so worth it. . . . Cade is snoozing on the couch, he is exhausted from all of the fun. . . and I am beginning to think--he has a good idea!! Merry Christmas!

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