Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Monday Again

It is hard to believe that Monday is here again already. . . Time sure does fly when you are having fun!! We had a busy weekend to say the least. . .

With all of the things going on in James' family, we tried to keep a sense of "stability" with the kids. They know that Mamaw Allen is really sick and that sure is a whole lot for a child to have to understand. Ian has had a difficult time dealing with it. As many of you that read my blog know, his teacher was diagnosed with breast cancer in December. She was supposed to be coming back to school in January, but has found out that her cancer is worse than they thought and will be having more surgeries, and won't be coming back this school year. Ian usually doesn't "click" with any teacher, but he did with Mrs. Carroll. She has taken lots of extra time with Ian, she was tutoring one hour every day before school-and we were seeing tremendous growth in his reading skills. Therefore having a substitute for the rest of the year has been really hard for him. Mamaw Allen's health is a big concern to Ian also. He asks me lots of questions. One for instance, is he doesn't understand why people have to pay for dialysis if you need it to stay alive? Good question. . .But even I have a hard time understanding healthcare in today's world. I say all of this to say. . .We tried to just be "normal" on Sunday. . We took the kids by to visit Mamaw and Papaw after we went to the early church service, and then just "had fun" the rest of the day. . . James took the boys to the church gym to "shoot some hoops"(Ian has been wanting to practice all he can here lately--if he would only be as dedicated to school work!!!) Macey and I went to the mall, I got my nails done, and then we went to her 2 favorite stores--"Justice" and "Claire's". We had a good time, just the girls. . . .doesn't happen often enough-or so Macey says : ) We came home, and got ready for church last night. . . .We had a special group that sang, and they did a tremendous job. . . Then we went to eat with some of our friends. . . We have a "tradition" of going to eat somewhere after church on Sunday night. . .and last night was no different. . .But we had a VERY large group. . . There were 16 of us, and only 6 adults were in that group!! We were outnumbered by the children!!!! I was so proud of all of the kids. . .they were so well behaved. . . For a group of kids to sit at a table by themselves, that large. . . they were amazing!! I am so proud of them. . . .We had a great time just sitting and talking with good friends. . . Thanks guys for a fun "outing"! I am on my way to the Y--and just wanted to update. . . Please continue to remember James and Rita in your prayers this week. Happy Monday!!

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Kristie said...

Love you and I am praying for you!