Sunday, January 27, 2008

Update on James' Mom, Rita

Thanks to all of you who have had James' family in your prayers today. We just got home from visiting her at the hospital, and she has seemed to improve some today. She recognized James and the kids, and she talked a little bit. She still was confused about some things, and doesn't really even remember what all went on yesterday. The doctors should be coming by sometime today or in the morning, to evaluate her and see what the next steps will be. . . She is so funny about her hair, and she kept asking us if it was flat. . . You would have to know Rita, to understand the humor behind that one. In the condition that she is in, to be concerned about what her hair looks like. : ) James and I are really concerned about his Daddy. He has had so much on him for the past year really. Rita had her stroke in November a year ago, and he has been her primary care giver since. He is not in good health himself, and taking care of Rita, has been a difficult task for him. Like James said last night though, it was very humbling to him to see how much his daddy truly loves his mom. He is right there by her side through everything she goes through, the pain, the dialysis, holding her hand, putting chapstick on her lips, and helping her spiritually, physically, and emotionally through this sickness. It made me think of my relationship with James, and how much I love him . .One of our favorite songs is "Remember When", by Alan Jackson. . .and this video shows what true love really is. . . It reminds me of James' parents, James and Rita. . . . Just thought I would share. . . (If you've seen the movie, "The Notebook", that is where the footage from this video comes from--just think it is perfect for this song, but I will warn you now, it is a tear jerker)

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