Thursday, January 31, 2008

Salsarita's Again?

We love the restaurant Salsarita's. We don't go very often, because I have been cooking at home more and it is NOT James' favorite place to go. But we had Upward basketball practice last night so we chose to go get something. We went to Salsarita's and guess who we saw? Amie and Pat with the kids. . . This is post worthy because every single time we have went to this specific restauraunt we have seen Amie. . . So why would tonight be any different?. . .If we want to catch up with the Mumpower's-we know where to find them. . Hee hee. . . Pat made the comment about loving to read my blog. . .so I told her to pose with her family and I would "blog" them. . . Hee hee. .So, Pat, This one is for you!!! Enjoy!!!!! Love you guys!

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Pat K. said...

Hey, thanks for the blog. I can really see how old I really am on that. ha Keep up the good work. Enjoy reading your blog.