Thursday, January 31, 2008

Allergy Testing

Cade had a doctor's appointment today with an Allergist. For those of you who don't know, Cade has had pretty severe asthma since he was 18 months old, and we have lived the life of nebulizers, inhalers, hospital visits, midnight breathing treatments and all of the joys that come with an asthmatic child for quite some time now. We made the decision to take him to an allergist and have allergy testing done. The results were good. No severe allergies. But that takes us back to square one-We still have to deal with this terrible disease. I know there are things that are worse that my child could be suffering from, but I just hate to see him struggle to breathe. It is so scary for him, as well as for me. The doctor helped us realize that it isn't an allergy that is triggering his attacks, so that is a good thing. He did change his medications around some. A new inhaler, a nasal spray, and an antihistimine to name a few things. . . Hopefully we will see some new results with these changes. I took a few pics today in the office with my cell phone while Cade was getting the testing done. That is a back scratcher in his hand. They gave him 5 back scratchers-one for mommy, daddy, Ian, Macey and of course, Cade. He was so excited to give these out when he got home. Here is his back where they did the scratch test. He didn't like the fact that they marked on him with a marker. He asked the nurse to clean it off before he put his shirt back on. . He is too funny!
He wanted to pose one more time with his back scratcher. He must take after his daddy =)
He did so well. He never shed a tear, except for when he bounced the super ball the nurse gave him behind the doctor's desk. . . That was a little embarrassing. . . The nurse had taken us into his office for him to talk to us about the test results and Cade bounced that ball behind his desk. We were in there alone, waiting on the doctor to come and talk to us. So there was Cade pilfering behind his desk, and me trying to get him to get on the "visitor" side of the desk. But the doctor was extremely nice when he arrived and Cade immediately told him what had happended. He let Cade crawl around under the desk in an attempt to find the ball, to no avail. Christy works at this office, and she came in to see how Cade did, and saw the crocodile tears flowing down his face, and he told her also that he lost his super ball, and she got down in the floor and found it!!! Christy saved the day!!!


Nicole said...

I just realized why it was so much more 'traumatic' when Davis had this done...he got 3s and 4s (the highest) on almost all of it so it was terribly itchy and burning on him. Thank goodness Cade didn't have to experience that part! I hope all the new meds help him. Tell Cade Duuuuuffer and Nicole said we are proud of him for being a big boy and going through that!! Love you all!!

Kristie said...

My sweet baby! I told ya it wasn't that bad! I miss you guys and love you! MUAH for CADE!