Wednesday, January 2, 2008


We looked out the window last night and we were so excited to see it snowing!! The kids had just gotten out of the bath tub, and they have a bad habit of leaving one of the van doors open. So James and I "pretended" that they were in trouble. They hadn't seen the snow yet, so we told them to hurry up and get their pj's on. . .because someone was in trouble. They kept on asking us "Why? What did we do?" and James just told them that he "wanted them to look at the van-all of them at the same time-so we could tell who was the guilty one". . .So they were a little nervous when we opened the door. . . and much to their surprise--It was SNOWING!!! They were so excited-and then they told me and James we weren't very nice to make them think they were in trouble. . . Hee hee. . . James and I thought it was kind of funny. . .Anyway. . .not a whole lot of snow, but enough to make 3 kids very happy. . . We are still praying for some more! Here are a few pics of it this morning. . .looking off of our deck at the valley. . .

Our front yard and sidewalk. . . .Down our street, and our front yard. . . .We are hoping for more. . .so the kids can play outside. . .but if this is all, we will still head outside in a little while. . . .We are taking the kids tubing with some friends of ours, The Salyers, in a couple of weeks, so they will get some serious sledding that weekend!!! Can't wait!!

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