Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Theatre Allen's

Macey and Cade put on a play for James, Ian and me yesterday. Macey got Esther, the doll from the Bible, for Christmas. It came with a story book about Esther's life. Well, Macey and Cade had the idea to put on a production about this story. Macey is all about the theatre, and she is always wanting to perform, or write stories. So she got together some costumes for her and Cade and they praticed a few times, and then it was time for the BIG performance. I told her I needed to take some pictures of this "Opening Night". . . .Here she is telling us about Esther (Macey) and King Xerxes(Cade) who chose Esther to be his wife. She overheard the king's plan to kill all of the Jews, and was scared he might hurt her also-not knowing she was one of God's chosen people.So she made a delicious feast for King Xerxes and got up the courage to ask him to save her life and the lives of her people. The king listened to Esther and ordered that all of the Jewish people be safe. Esther 7:3 "O King, if you really like me, then save me and my people from death."
Macey and Cade had so much fun doing this for us. . .and I think they learned alot about Queen Esther that they didn't know. . . I love Cade's prop-the sword. He said that ALL kings have swords!!! Don't you know???

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