Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Their Baby is Here!!

Kurt and Bicki Rudd, our friends from church, had their baby!!! We are so excited to finally get to meet him. He was born around 9:30 this morning, and weighed in at 10 pounds. . .His name is Jedadiah Edward Rudd. . . They are going to call him Jed. Too Cute! Kurt said "He is a Man Child" . . He is so funny. . . Anyway, Mom and Baby are doing well. We plan on running by the hospital to visit them this evening, so hopefully I can get a picture of the little guy! Congratulations guys!!!! We love you all!


Nicole said...

Does he have a name??? ;)

Cassie said...

I added his name to the blog just for you Nicole. I was going to put it in my post after I got home from the hospital, just to be sure I got the name right. =)

Nicole said...

Gee thanks...I feel loved! ;) Be sure and let me know about their meal and when they want it. love ya!