Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Alphabet Challenge

Ok, I think I am up for this one...I saw this challenge on my blogging friend, Melanie's, blog. So, I decided this would be a fun challenge to attempt...I am going to post a picture for each letter of the alphabet daily...We will see if I can stick to it EVERY day...that I will not guarantee, but I will bravely attempt. =) SO, Here goes!!!
Well, considering that my family's last name is ALLEN...that would of course be the best place to start with my first post of this challenge....and I have the perfect picture.....
This is a picture of the mantle in our den...I bought these pewter alphabet letters at Target (my favorite place to shop!) a few years ago, and had to have them....I saw them in the store and could invision them on my mantle in the midst of our family pictures....and they were Perfect! So, what better post for the letter "A", the Allen family name....Hope everyone finds themselves having a wonderful day!!


Nicole said...

I love those letters I am still going to have some one day when I have a home...boo hoo hoo!

Melanieshea said...

Beautiful!!! I love it!!! I may just have to go find some letters for the Smith Mantel!!! So glad you are taking the challenge!