Thursday, February 7, 2008

Cade's Artwork

Mr. Cade is a pretty artistic little guy. . He must take after his mother =) Art was always one of my favorite "subjects"in school. . .if you want to call it a subject. I was always a blue or red ribbon winner in the school art shows, and even put numerous pieces in the BIG art shows in high school (you know the ones where my art was shown in the mall for everyone to see!) Ha! Anyway, I believe Cade is taking after his mommy. . .He loves to draw, and he pays such close attention to detail for a 4 year old. . .or at least I think he does . . . so here is one of the pictures he brought home from school yesterday. . He has just read this book about a patchwork elephant, named Elmer. . . so here is his take on creativeness. . . . Notice the different colored elephants. . the person with really long arms (not sure why they are so long, I will have to ask him why. . I am sure there is a very logical reason) and then there is the road. . .wonder where that leads???

Great Job Cade. . . Love you so much. . .I am putting back some special artwork each one of the kids have done in school. . .so I can frame them and hang them up in our new playroom (once this roof process is finished) I will update you on the roof after our contractor comes by this evening. . . Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!

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