Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ready for a Change

I just got up from sleeping. . . this night shift thing is SO getting to me. . .I still love my job, but I am just tired of always working at night, and never sleeping. As of right now, I don't have a choice, but I have been going through my "want to be a SAHM" again here lately. I would love to be able to stay home with my kid's and have all the time in the world to give to them. Now, so much of my time is taken due to my job, and my need for some sleep--even if it is only a few hours here and there. =) I know I titled this post, "Ready for Change", and my job isn't actually what I was going to write about, and for some reason, it is still a fitting title.

My change is my hair. . . I actually have an appointment in 45 minutes and I am so excited. . I am going to change my color and cut. . .The cut won't be that different, because my hair is short, so there isn't a whole lot of options there. . . For those of you who know Jamie Doran, I took a picture of her hair at church last week with my camera phone, and that is the look I am going for. . . . I will post a picture of it after I get home. . . I love to change my hair every so often, so I am looking forward to this!!!! As far as color, I told Lisa (my hair dresser) I was going to leave that up to her. . .She smiled and was looking forward to this adventure also. . . So, we will see. . . Gonna go and get ready. . . .

One more little thing, that still fits under the subject, Ready for Change. . . . We have a gentleman coming by our house tomorrow afternoon to give us an estimate on finishing our garage!!!!!!!!! Yes, I did say that. . . If I actually get a roof on this house, James and I won't have anything to argue about anymore. . . Ha ha!! I don't know if I have ever posted about the "roof dilemma", I will mark that in my mind to do that sometime. . . . =), but we started the "add-on process" almost 3 years ago now. . .with the intentions of adding on a new garage, extra bedroom, and playroom. . . Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. . .We will see. . .This is one of my co-workers husbands, that is coming by--he is a contractor. . .so I am praying that we will get ourselves a roof. . . will be sure to keep you updated!!! Let's go get a new do!!!!


Nicole said...

Hey Chick...where is the new updated picture??? Curious minds want to see!!! ;op

Tanja said...

I'm with Nicole. Show me the money... I mean picture. :-)