Monday, February 4, 2008

Homemade Cookies

We have had a "sick" weekend and the kids wanted some cookies. . .so we decided to make some. Ian didn't really want to help make them, but Macey and Cade were estatic over the thought of getting to help. . .So we decided to make them. The Hite's were supposed to come over and watch the Super Bowl tonight after church, but because Cade and I had to stay home yesterday, I wasn't sure if they still wanted to come. He is feeling quite a bit better, but still running a fever. So, we began the cookie making process. . .I let them add in some of the ingredients, but when there was egg running down the side of the cabinet and vanilla extract in the floor--I decided that they had helped enough and I took over =) Here is Macey putting the eggs back into the fridge. . .Thanks for the help guys, but I will take it from here. . . .the cookies baking in the oven. . . Yummy, smells good. . . .

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