Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sweet Sister

Cade has been sick all weekend, as many of you know. . . and his sister Macey loves him very much. She always wants to take care of him. Yesterday she made him a bunch of cards. . .telling him how much she loves him ect. I had to scan this one and put it on here. . . It is just too sweet. . This is the front of the card. . .It is Cade with a thermometer in his mouth, getting his temperature taken. . . and that is a thermometer beside him that has his temp of 1.00 written on it. =) This is the inside of the card. . . I will type out what it says, in case you can't see it on this pictures. . . it says. . .(just as she wrote it spelling and punctuation or lack of =)
"dear cade i hope you feel Better I love you! I am praying for you If you need anything I am hear for you I hope you feel better we pray all the time rain or shine I hope you feel better. Sick or not I will play whith you I hope you feel better. sick bunny may help you to. I want you to know I am her for you. Love.Macey"The "sick bunny" is a stuffed animal that Macey has that she gives to whoever is sick in the family. She has done this for a long time. She was sick once when she was little and thought this get well gift made her feel better. . .so she always shares it with others. . . Such a sweet sister.

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Kristie said...

Tell her that I love her too! Too Sweet!