Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Get Well Soon, Landon

Many of you have heard me talk about my good friend Lisa...Well, her family had a rough weekend this past week...They were out of town for a soccer tournament, and her son, Landon, was injured...In the beginning they didn't know how serious it was...Lisa said she was sitting a few feet away from him, and could hear something pop...while he was on the soccer field...For those of you who are mom's-you know the feeling when you think your child is hurt...I know Cade was hurt a year or so ago, and had to have a plastic surgeon sew his lip up...And in the moment of uncertainty...lots of thoughts cross your mind...It is so difficult to see your child in pain...Not something we ever want to deal with....any of us...But thankfully, Landon wasn't injured too bad...He had to go to an orthopedic, and had an MRI...and they told him that he chipped his knee cap...He is in a brace, and is having to be "out of commission" for 4 weeks...It could be worse, but I know it is hard for him to have to miss his soccer games...and baseball...He is on our baseball team...and he is one AWESOME player...We can't wait until you are back on your feet again, and hitting home runs like you did in the scrimmage!!! This is a picture I had of Landon, when he came over and played with Ian a couple of years ago...on our "redneck slip n slide" ( a plastic tarp, a sprinkler, a big hill, and crazy dads!!) Anyway, you can consider yourself BLOGGED!!!! Get well soon!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a redneck slip in probably done better than the ones you buy...they usually rip after a hour anyway!!!

Nicole said...

That was funny at that one social when you had one of these slides although it ended up being a tad bit dangerous in the end! Yikes! Good thing I never got on it or I would have broken my neck...after all I almost gave myself a concussion from the kids' real slip-n-slide!!

Cassie said...

Hey Nicole..this picture was from that same social...Landon had spent the day with Ian that day...and just stayed for the picnic....It was fun...but I didn't participate in it either...a little dangerous for me!! I enjoyed getting to spend some time talking with you this evening...You and I are both too busy!! Have a great weekend!! Love ya!