Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Take on American Idol

I am an avid American Idol fan...I have faithfully watched every episode since Season One (Thanks to Tivo) I have even went to see American Idol on Tour twice in Washington DC...Yes, I saw Chris Daughtry in concert!!! I was a HUGE Chris Daughtry fan....(and still am!)
chris daughtry!
and said I would never watch the show again, after he got voted off the show...But look at him now...He is doing so well...So, no you don't have to win to do well...but it sure would be nice for once....I was a Blake Lewis fan....saw him in concert too!!! Loved it!!
Blake Lewis
and he came in second....
I think my choice is going to do it this year...David Cook was awesome tonight again...He can sing just about anything they ask him to sing, and does it well....He is very unique, and knows how to make a song his own....

So, there you go...that is my prediction...David Cook is the Next American Idol!!!
david cook
Just imagine me sitting right next to Simon...giving my opinion....=) I am a Simon fan too
Simon Cover
..I know, I know, I can't help it...I love his honesty...=) Let's go to work...Have a good night.....


BethAnne said...

Ummm, I would defnitely vote for you to sit beside Simon ---- in Paula's place!!! She is a total nut!

Anonymous said...

I love Simon too! I posted about Thinness, and I know your a healthy women & like to work out....I would like your opinion!!!

AshNAlMom said...

I'm with you on the David Cook thing, Love Him. He is just awesome.