Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Third Grade Parent Celebration

Macey's class had a Parent Celebration today at school...The kids all had been making scrapbooks over the course of the year, and they presented them to us today...It was so sweet...It included different journal entries, pictures, and projects that she had done this school year....They had finger foods, and once again, Macey's awesome teacher said a prayer before we ate...I love that Macey has a teacher who takes a stand for what she believes in...regardless...=) Here is a pic of Cade with Macey posing for me...He was being silly, as usual... Daddy surprised Macey by showing up today...He had told her (and me too) that he wouldn't be able to make it..You should have seen her face when he walked into the room...She was so excited...She ran straight to him, and gave him a big ole' hug...She is a daddy's girl if I have ever seen one....(Doesn't James look awesome? He has lost 18 pounds!! I am so proud of him....I wish I could lose weight as easily as he has!! Love you honey!)
Macey and Mommy...I have the night shift look...I was so tired today..It was hard to get up and get to school...no make-up, and a tshirt....great look...Oh well, that is the story of my life...sleep deprived....at least the tan helps some...Yes, My name is Cassie, I DO have a tan, and I admit that I have a problem....hee hee....(Thank Goodness for my upcoming hair appointment this week...My color has grown out 2 inches!!!) Miss Keys also put together a slide show of the past year...It was 20 minutes long, and brought tears to my eyes...My little girl is growing up on me....She also burned a copy of the slide show for each family in the class...Such a wonderful teacher!!

Awards were presented also, and Macey received an award for her outstanding effort in reading...She is a phenomenal reader...She actually tested on a 6th grade level (that was at the first of the year)...We are so proud of you Miss Mace!! Love you lots!!! Thanks for being the best daughter a mommy and daddy could ever dream of....


Anonymous said...

Miss Macey, you rock!! Keep up the reading girl!
love you!
christy h

Jennifer said...

How fun!
Tell Macey congratulations on the award.
We have a parent breakfast at Blake's preschool on Thursday. I can't wait =-)

Tanja said...

Tell James "hubba hubba". That's what my grandpa says when someone looks good. :-) Is it okay that I just wrote that about your husband? Ahh, I just like to give a little silly encouragement when someone loses weight... cuz it's hard to do! And you, my friend, you know you need to make a call. You know what I mean, too. Don't act like you don't. We talked about it at lunch Saturday. You're too young!!

Anonymous said...

You look great loving the tan, and the color..Day shift people dont know about sleep deprivation...I work 12 hours, get off @ 6:30 in bed by 8 and always up by 12 to stay up all day, and all night again! and people think shift work is easy!