Friday, May 16, 2008

The "Weep Fest" Begins....

*Warning* Emotion Overload*
Creative title...Don't you think? I am serious when I make the above statement...It started last night with Cade's End of School Program....I honestly can NOT believe that my little guy is getting ready to go into Kindergarten...Where has the time gone??? His Pre-school this year has been the best thing EVER!! He started off the year very clingy, scared, a "mommy's boy", (not a bad thing), and he has graduated Pre-school...very independent, secure in himself, and very smart...He is reading...I am SO proud of him....Mrs. Fuller is one of the Best teachers my kids have ever had...and all 3 of them have been blessed by having her in the early years of their education...I am just thankful that they each have had such a wonderful, precious lady to help guide them in their preschool, and kindergarten years....I feel a tear coming on again....
The program last night was so good...All of the kids did a phenomenal job...They did the pledge of allegiance, and Cade got to hold the flag....and then they sang a number of songs that they have learned this year....One of the ones that gets me every a song about graduating from Pre-school, and moving on to Kindergarten...and learning "Bigger Numbers, and Bigger Words"...It kills me every time!! Cade loves to be on stage, just like he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of stage time....The next thing they did was recite a number of nursery rhymes that they learned and acted them out...TOO CUTE!! Cade was Jack, in Jack and Jill...How convenient...since he loves rolling and falling down hills...The part fit him perfect and everyone laughed when he "performed" his role!! Once they finished the nursery rhymes, Mrs. Fuller handed out carnations to each child, and they came down off the stage and gave one to each of their mothers....Yes....I cried...again....
After the program, Mrs. Fuller presented the class with awards...There were many different awards, best singer, best dancer, block builder, but Cade got the award of "Best Puzzle Worker"....Great Job, Mr. Cade!! He climbed right up on Mrs. Kerns lap for a picture with her...She was Mrs. Fullers aid...and she is a wonderful teacher too....We have been so blessed....We had a great time this year sharing the life of our precious little guy with such a wonderful teacher and friend....Cade is growing up...this is part of life, I realize...It is sad in a way, but so exciting to think of what a wonderful person he is going to become....
This is the words that were printed in the program to one of the songs the kids sang....
Thank you
Thank you , Mommy, for tucking me in bed.
Thank you Daddy, for stories that you've read.
Thank you , Teddy Bear, for always being there.
This is Thank you day.
Thank you, Circus, for every funny clown.
Thank you, Santa, for always coming 'round.
Thank you, Candy Shops, for making lollipops.
This is Thank you Day.
And when I lay me down to sleep,
Every night I know.
Someone has my sould to keep
I want to thank Him so.
Thank you Winter, for every snowy day.
Thank you Summer, for all the time to play.
Thank you Family, for always loving me.
This is Thank You day.
Can you tell it has been a rough week? Well, to top this off--when we got home Ian handed me an invitation...."You are cordially invited to attend the Jefferson Promotion Ceremony"...Are you kidding me? The weeping started all over again......The saga will continue over the next just be prepared...Once Wednesday is over, Look out Summer Here we come!! We are going to make this summer the best one ever....(as I wipe a tear from my cheek)


Nicole said...

Well, I can relate a isn't bothering me as bad that Jett is going to kindergarten since he is not my youngest. It is sad but I know Davis will be there one more year with him and that is comforting to me.

I can only imagine how bad I will be this time next year because I already get sad thinking about Davis being in his final grade of elementary school and his 5th grade year is still 4 months away!!!

This mom thing is really hard at times! :p

Melanieshea said...

Girl, I know how you feel!!! It is so hard watching our little ones grow up into independent little people...I cry on the first day of school every year. My oldest will be going into 8th, then Avery in 5th, and she'll be in 2nd....

He looks so darn handsome!!!! Love the picture of you hugging him. You can see the joy in your face!!!

Have a good weekend

Jerica Smith said...

Bless your heart!! You made me cry this morning already (I'm home with a throwing up baby-waiting for Daddy to come take his shift so I can go teach Sunday School!)! It is hard to believe that these little ones are so grown up!! Mattie "graduates" from preschool on the 29th and wears a cap and gown-I'll cry my head off too!!! Hang in there-you are an AWESOME Mommy! We'll have to have a support group in the fall when they start "real school" as Mattie calls it! :)
Miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...