Friday, September 5, 2008

Thankful, It is Friday...

For once, I am Thankful it is Friday. Normally, working shift work, Friday comes along and it is just like any other day for me...because of the way I work...But not today...I have worked every night shift since last Saturday. And this morning, after a very long and stressful week, I am done. Until next week sometime....=)

It has been a hard week for me. James works lots of overtime, every week. But add me working extra on top of that, opposite times of the day...It makes for a long week. Of doing things by myself. Homework, Football practices, Soccer practices, dance classes, church-then going back in to work each night, and start each day over again. . . Sleep deprived....I am thankful I only work part time.

I haven't blogged a lot about "stuff" going on in our lives....There is just a lot...I have talked with many of you...face to face...not in blog world, about some of the things going on with us right now...We are facing some behavior issues with Cade in school. I don't think it is anything that can't not be dealt with. But that is the key, dealing with it. Now. So, I am meeting with his teacher today after school. Say a prayer for me. And while you are praying, say a prayer for Mr. Cade. This transition to Kindergarten has been a tough one for him. He is doing better, but still dealing with some issues. I have been going into his room each morning this week, before he gets up, and kneeling beside his bed, and praying for him, and his day to come. I can see a difference. Once again, God is showing me, that I need to turn to Him...and he is there...=) Awesome thoughts this morning...=)

Friends have made a difference in my life this week too. I have a few very special friends (you know who you are) that have listened to me, and have been praying for me and my family this week. I can feel His presence...and that is just amazing to me. God has blessed me with some very precious friends. Love you guys.

Just wanted to post something. I am still here. Tired. Sleepy. Worried Mommy. But here. Thankful for the weekend. I plan on watching some flag football, a soccer game, and enjoying my family. Hoping that next week will be a better one. Good night....T.G.I.F.


Anonymous said...

I agree! So, glad it's friday and i am glad you are off today. I knew you would make it through your long stretch. Now rest today! It was good to see you for a little bit last night at practice. I had to run back and forth from gymnastics and football practice and back to gymnastics..but not across town like you. Anyway, I will be praying today for Mr Cade, you and Ms. Krantz. Love you!


Kristi said...

I hope your meeting goes well today. I will say a little prayer for you.
I hope you have a great weekend with your family.

Nicole said...

I hope your conference went well. Don't worry it will all work out!

Anonymous said...

How many times have you told me that God is in control. He will work everything out. I am so thankful that we have had time to talk this week. I will continue to pray for you and for Cade. He will be fine. He has great parents with God at the center. He can't go wrong!
Love ya!

Kim Heinecke said...

I know that feeling. I've had many "conferences" like that with Kid Two's teacher. There's nothing more important than praying for those youngin's before they open their eyes each day, huh?! I really think it sets a tone for the morning.

I'm going to check out your photography site!

Fran said...

Hey Cassie...
I truly hope your meeting went well with the teacher. I know how all that "stuff" feels and on top of life....well, its just plain hard.

Praying for you this morning.
Much love,