Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Macey's Blog

My daughter Macey has a blog, but doesn't quite have the obsession that I do...=) Anyway, she and I changed her blog up last night, and she has a couple of new posts....She wanted me to decorate hers for Christmas too...Since we are in the Christmas spirit around here....=) She also asked me to do a post about it, so she might get some readers...hee hee...She is my daughther....So here it is...Check out Macey's blog...and if you do...Leave her a comment...It will make for one Happy little girl!!! Have a great day and enjoy the snow!!!!

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Anonymous said...

i am glad to see you posting again! i check your blog regular...but you never post anything! Glad your back to it! I love your new back ground...way cool! You already know how excited i am for you about New York...but i wish i could go with you! :( You are the coolest girl I know!

Love you!
christy hite
(Cassie, i was unable to post this on her..b/c i don't have a blog spot (I am uncool) and she doesn't accept "anonymous" blog comments. would you let her see this for me? Please?) thanks!