Monday, December 1, 2008

Yes...My Couch is REALLY Outside

So many of you guys have asked me if my couch is really outside? or is it a Photoshop technique? I have been laughing at the comments...You guys are funny....I will answer this question, and surprise many of you....Yes...My couch is really outside....James and I carried it out there....and carried the kids out to it one at a time, so not to get it dirty....There isn't anything I wouldn't attempt for an awesome picture!!!! =) The ground was not even one drop of mud/dirt got on my couch....This was an idea I had a few years ago, and just hadn't done it yet...So a few weeks ago when it snowed....I thought it was the PERFECT time for my "idea".....Glad you guys thought I was that good at Photoshop...I wish I was, but not quite....Thanks for the comments...


The Pliler Family said...

Love your Christmas Blog. What a great idea and it made an awesome Christmas Card.
Merry Cristmas Dena Barbara

Leeann said...

I love it! Man, I wish you were close enough to take on my family brood! I need some really good photos, now that our family is complete!