Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Christmas Picture

I ususally do a Christmas picture of the kids every year...but this year, I decided to do a family photo....Our annual family picture is usually a beach picture...but I had this fabulous idea for a winter shot, and decided to incorporate it into our Christmas cards.....I have so many "blogging friends" that don't live in our area, or that I don't have their I thought I would decorate my blog, like a Christmas card....=) My cards are going to be handmade this year....with a picture tucked inside...but I wanted to share my family photo with those of you I won't be "mailing" a card to....So, From Our House to Yours, this Christmas Season-Merry Christmas!" Happy December 1st!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love, love, love it! It's great! Can't wait to get one so i can frame it! Great idea! Wish i was as creative as you...oh well.. at least one of us is.

love you,

Anonymous said...

You know I love it! When I seen it at work I thought it was great. Putting it on the blog was a fantastic idea. I agree that you are a very creative person. Merry Christmas!!

Love you,

The Brady's said...

ok did you take your couch outside? or did you photoshop it?

My crazy Sister-n-law does things like that all the time, and I can never tell...??????? Im going to say you photoshoped it, cause I can't see you takin your couch out in the snow...


Melanieshea said...

Love it! Great picture and idea for the picture!

Nicole said...

Nice picture...Can't wait to get your cards! Love ya