Friday, August 3, 2007

Macey's Basketball Camp

Macey attended Sunnyside's Basketball Camp this week. . . to all or our surprise. Any of you that know Macey, she typically isn't the most athletic child in our home. . . But she impressed all of this week by choosing to attend Basketball camp. Ian didn't want to go, because of all of the running he has been doing the past 3 weeks, so Macey took this one on all by herself!!!!

Here she is getting out of the van wearing her t-shirt that she won!!! She has had a Great Week!!!!

This was her team, that came in first place during the games portion of the camp. Coach Warren announced the team as the first place team, and said they won because of their "7 foot Center" ---Macey Allen. . . . We all laughed, considering Macey is the shortest one there!!!!!! She giggled and went up to recieve her award. . .and then she got the award for Best Sportmanship also. . .She had a great week, and enjoyed all of the "attention" she got for being so little!!! =)

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