Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stickley Farm

James and I went with Cade's Pre-school class today to Stickley Farm. It really meant alot to me that James decided to take a few hours off so he could go with us. Cade was so excited that Daddy got to go too! We had such a great time. There was a wonderful turnout of parents, so Mrs. Fuller delegated each parent a child to watch. We had Cade and Marcus. Marcus is Cade's best friend in his class. . . So he was so happy to be with him. The boys had a great time. There were 4 different things we got to do at the farm. Of course play on the 2 great playgrounds that were there. . .and of course throw some walnuts to the dogs that kept on wanting to play. We got to go through the Pumpkin Patch and Mrs. Fuller wanted us to look for a pumpkin flower, and also a green pumpkin--which Cade and Marcus found both really quickly. Then we took off through the corn maze and had a great time letting the boys "think" they were leading us out of the maze. . they were singing "Follow the yellow brick road". . . Too cute! Mrs. Price was the student teacher that has been in Cade's class the last couple of months. Her last day is today. Cade cried because he was very sad about her leaving. She was a wonderful teacher and Cade loved her! We will miss you Miss Price. . . Next was time for pumpkin painting. . . Cade was serious with his marker in hand. . .look at that mouth. . .Then it was lunch time. . .this is his friend-Kenny. We had lunch with Cade and then we had to go so Daddy could go back to work. We had a great time with Mr. Cade today!! We love you buddy!

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