Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

We celebrated Thanksgiving at my mom's house. . . This year it was just my family, my sister and her family usually come in for Christmas, so they didn't make it for Thanksgiving. We missed you Kristie!! Love you lots! We invited James' mom and dad to come and spend time with us also. We had a great day. My mom brought some of her casseroles to our house early Thursday morning because she didn't have room in her oven for all of the things she had to bake. . .We were glad to do this for her. . .I offered to do more, but she likes to do these things herself. . .; ) Here is a pic of my mom and me. . . pretty cute. . . She hates to have her picture made. . but I do it anyway. . .I can't wait to tell her about my plan to do a shoot of her and daddy with the kids. ..: )Daddy and me. . .Not often do we get our picture made together, and he still has to act silly. . .I finally got him to just act normal. . . I still think he was trying to say something in this pic. . .The kids with Mamaw Allen. . She walked from the car ALL the way up to my mom's front door with her walker. She said that was the farthest that she had walked in a while. . .It was hard on her, but she said "good for her too". For those of you who don't know, James' mom had a stroke last November, and is on a walker most of the time. The kids with both of their Papaw's. .How much better does it get? Two Papaw's in the same room? So, we had a great time just spending time with family and talking. Before I start talking about our after Thanksgiving shopping plans, I wanted to post a list of the 10 things that I am thankful for. I am a serious blog stalker. . .and one of the blogs I read is a girl who lives in Missippi. She has an AWESOME blog site. . .and we don't even know each other. . . even though I feel like we are Best Friends. . . Anyway, She put a Thankful list on her blog--so here is mine. . . .
21 Things I am Thankful for. . . .
1. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
2. My wonderful Husband, my best friend
3. My 3 precious children
4. Wonderful Christian parents
5. My church
6. Special Friends that are like family to me : )
7. My home--even though there still isn't a roof on my garage(if you don't know about that situation--will fill you in later)
8. My job--Wonderful Christian Co-workers
9. My laptop (where I spend ALOT of my time working on photos)
10. My YMCA membership (gonna be looking good for summer!! Carribean here we come!!!!!)
11. My chocolate brown tennis shoes(doesn't take much to make me happy)
12. Cappucino from McDonald's
13. My MP3 player
14. My van (even though I still plan on trading cars-it works for now)
15. Our lizards(they are so precious-gotta love them)
16. my Chocolate brown socks(Love you Lisa!!)
17. Time spent with my wonderful family
18. Being able to work straight nights
19. My Nikon (Of COURSE!)
20. My Photography business(it is doing Awesome right now!)
21. My Blog! (I love being able to share the important things from my life with family and friends. It is such a wonderful thing!
Happy Thanksgiving!
After dinner, James and I mapped out our plan for our Black Friday shopping day. . . .Here is a pic of Me and My Honey. . . He is such a sweetheart. . .every Thanksgiving, he helps my mom clean up the kitchen, washes dishes, and puts up the food. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband!!!! Love you James!Going through all of the circulars in the paper. . . that is always lots of fun to me!!! I want the 22 inch desk top computer screen!!! at Circuit City! That is first on my list. . . .I know I have been counting down the days until Christmas on my blog for quite some time now . . .Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday! I decorated my blog site early, and I also decorated my house early! We have our Christmas tree up and decorated. . . Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care. . . and so on and so on. . .We only have a month to enjoy our Christmas decor, and I want to enjoy every minute of it!!!! Because once Christmas is over--Down it comes!!! I am not one to leave it up after Christmas. . . So I would rather put it up early. . . gets one in the mood. . .I worked last night, and I am still wide awake, so decided to post an entry, and I am sitting here in my den typing by the light of the Christmas tree. . . I just love that. . .We have always put our tree in the living room, and decided this year to put it in the den. . I just want to enjoy it all the more. .We spend most of our time in the den, so that is where I wanted the tree. . .We moved some furniture around, and it looks beautiful!! Well, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. . .


Kristie said...

I know that this will annoy you, and I love you, but look at your numbering. I am glad you are thankful though! I am thankful that I can count! And for sugar cookies!

Kristie said...
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