Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Festivus Party!

Tonight we went to our friend's house, Dave and Lisa Castle for a "Festivus for the Rest of Us" party!(after church tonight) For those Seinfeld fans out there, you know which episode I am talking about. . . And for you crazy people who weren't Seinfeld fans, here is a YouTube video that explains why this "holiday" is celebrated. . .

We had a great time!! This was our first year attending Festivus and it was great fun. . .Airing of grievances, the aluminum pole, and wrestling the head of the household and pinning him to the ground. Dave got flattened by his friend, and the winner got a beautiful trophy to take home and place on his shelf of "trophies". . .Lisa, you did a great job making the trophy. . .it is AWESOME!
Here are a few of the "top" (in my opinion) grievances from the night. . .

1. The "holiday" letter-when people send out a letter with their Christmas card with their entire family history on it(Marla)
2. The Indian people in the mall who are trying to sell Dead Sea Products and we are just NOT interested(Lisa)
3. When you work on the phone in a business situation, and the person on the line is repeating to you what someone in the background is saying, instead of letting them speak for themselves(Dave)
4. Telling something that someone doesn't want told at a family gathering(James)Love you honey!
5. Procrastination-You know where I am going with this one. . Starting projects, and never finishing them, like a garage ;)
6. People saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas(Buddy)
7. People blowing their nose in a restauraunt while people are eating.
8. How lots of commercials on television almost appear to have "adult content" even if they are about hamburgers?

This is just a few of the 'grievances'that we discussed. . .we had a great time laughing and sharing stories. . .which for those of you who know us. . we LOVE to tell stories. . . I didn't take any pictures tonight. . .I started to take my camera and decided just to go and have a good time. . .which is exactly what we did. . .All of the kids played downstairs. . and they had fun too. Good food, Good friends, Good times. . .Happy Festivus!!!!

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