Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Horne Family Christmas

We also celebrated Christmas with my family today. My sister, Kristie, and her husband Ali, got to come in this weekend also. So both James and I got to spend some time with our family that lives away from here. My sister lives in DC so we do see her much more than we did when she was in Arizona, but not often enough. . .Oak Ridge would be much closer. . Hint hint. . . Kristie ; )Here is a pic of Papaw and Mamaw with all of their grandchildren. . . . Anyway, our day was lots of fun. My sister also has a photography business and we had decided that when she came in we would do "sessions" of each other. So that was the first thing to do on our lists. . . The photo sessions. . .which went very well. . .Will post pics of those when I finish editing them. .Then we had our meal. . .My mom decided not to cook the "traditional" turkey, ham, veggies, ect. She asked us how we would feel about just finger foods. . .which was great for us. . . and made the clean up much easier . . .paper plates, plastic cups. . . throw it all away. . . and it is present time. . . The kids were so excited and had a great time together, playing and opening their gifts. They don't get to see each other very much either, so they have a blast when they are together.

James and I got Ali a Pal's gift card. . . because that is the ONLY reason he comes to Tennessee. . .to eat at Pal's . . .Hee hee. . Kristie got Ian these Dallas Cowboys crocs. . .too cool. . .Kristie made a DVD for Papaw and Mamaw and it was very cute. Everyone sat there and watched it together. . The kids loved watching it. She put lots of pics of the kids growing up, ect. Krisite and I even pulled out a few old videos of us as kids. . .we had lots of laughs, and had a great weekend together. They drive back tomorrow, so be careful guys!!All of the cousins. . . .Ian, Tariq, Macey, Isabella, and Cade We love you all and Merry Christmas. . .Don't forget to drive through Pal's on your way home!!! (will post pics soon)

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