Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our Sunday School Christmas Party

We had our YMCA 2 Class Christmas Party tonight at our house. We had a great turnout, and a wonderful time was had by all. . .We had it catered by Food City--which, by the way was very good. We had 18 people come out on this rainy and foggy night. . .which was a great number. We sat around and ate, and then we played our annual "ornament exchange game"--wouldn't be a Christmas party without it. . : ) (for those of you who don't know--this is a game where you can steal gifts from each other) Here are a few pics from the party tonight. . . Tina and Sarah getting ready for the gift exchange game. . . Special thank you to Sarah and Kevin for helping me get the food picked up and get everything ready. . .I love you guys!Becky,Brett and Bridgett and Kevin doing the same thing. We had all eaten in the kitchen and some in the den. . .so we all moved together into the den for the game. We were glad Brent and Bridgette could make it. . . They had been in Georgia visiting family and just got back home. . . You will have to ask Brent about what all he learned about Martin Luther. . . He has a great story to tell you about it. .: )Susan. . .with her sugar and creamer set. . .She was number 1 in the game. . choosing first. . .Becky opening her gift. ..cute picture frame. . better hold onto that one!!!Christy watching Bicki open her gift. . . .Special Thank you to Christy too. . for bringing me glass cleaner before the party. .and also helping to clean up the kitchen afterwards. . . . Love you!Sorry Nicole. . I know I get you every year. . .It is just tradition at this point in time. .Love you!!!!"Daniel-Don't cut the mittens--they are ornaments!!!" Nicole said. . ..Duffer posing for Daniel to take this picture with my camera. . Great Job Daniel. . .Warren sitting next to Steve. . obviously telling something funny. . .Warren. . Be funny??????We also had Kurt and Bicki Rudd ( our new youth minister and his wife at our party) It has been great getting to know you guys over the past couple of weeks. . .We are looking forward to becoming great friends. . . Here is a pic of Kurt telling James with his Oven Mitt that "I am an oven mitt, not a pot mat. . .James"(acting like the oven mitt is a puppet. . .)Thanks everyone for making our party tonight a huge success. . .We had a great time. Here are a few more funny ones. Thanks for a great time with wonderful friends. . .Love you all!!!!! Bicki forgot to bring gifts--so she got a few "prizes" out of her purse. . .($5 bills) One was wrapped in a kleenex and a beautiful yellow ribbon (that she pulled out of the trash bag--that was overflowing with trash!!!) The other was wrapped in a bulletin from tonights performance!! The one I am opening. . . .I had a difficult time getting into it. . .: )Kevin says he wants my $5. . . I said "I use it to get coffee on my way to work". . . .Kevin says, " I like coffee too :)" I am just noticing Bicki laughing her head off in this picture. . . Thanks for the support girlfriend!!I love ya Daniel. . .but I'll just take your $5. . . .So. . .Daniel decides to just go and take Kevin's. . . .Kevin celebrating after he stole my gift. . .Do you think he was a little happy???? I am glad Kevin doesn't like to rub it in. . .or anything. .: ) Bicki-- I think your cash gift was the hit of the party!!! You're awesome!!!I know you didn't want your picture made. . . Gotcha!Of course. . . Last but not least----our yearly group picture. . . Thanks guys for all you did to make this party a great one. . .You all are like family to James and I and we love you ALL!!!Merry Christmas!!!

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