Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning, we always open the Greatest Gift of all before we open anything else. We take the baby Jesus from our Nativity and wrap him up and place him under the tree. . .On Christmas morning, we unwrap Baby Jesus before we unwrap any of our gifts. I just want the kids to understand that JESUS is the reason we celebrate Christmas. . .The kids were so excited to get into the den where all of their gifts were. . .but mean "Mommy" made them wait until she could get pictures of them before they saw their gifts from Santa. Gotta have a shot of them in their matching pj's. Don't they look happy. . .Here is a pictures of what Santa left. . . .All sorts of goodies. . . The kids with their stockings. . . .Opening gifts. . . Ian got the game Trouble. . .We are going to play this one together . . .Susan got me hooked on this game. . .so I can't wait to play it. . with Ian of course. . . Cade is a little excited about his roller blades. . . We have been skating a few times in the last couple of months and he LOVES it. . .So we got him his own skates. . . .Not so sure what this face is about. . but this is the Frog flipping game. . .Macey couldn't wait to play this one. . . Cade got his Real Cowboys jersey that he wanted. . .here he is showing it to the camera. . .Macey with a cute new Littlest Pet Shop. . .It is SO cute. . .she said. . .Ian in his new Cowboys hat. . .too cool!!! James got me the 3 tier lantern like Mamaw Horne has in her sun room. . It is so pretty. . Can't wait to get it together. I am ready to take the Christmas tree down right now. .I am at work tonight, but it is coming down tomorrow. . . Love to put it up, but when it is over, I am done with it. . .

James asked for a paper shredder. . . I forgot to wrap it, so I told him to go and check the trunk of the van. . . and There it was!!! Hee hee. . . .(you can see the unfinished garage behind him)
After opening gifts, and just hanging out at the house we went by my Mamaw Ramey's house. She is 96 years old, and just loves for us to come and visit with her. The kids opened their gifts from her, and we visited for a little while. Here is a pic of the kids with her. . . Too cute.
Me and Mamaw Ramey. . . .Love you Mamaw. . . My mom invited us over for dinner, so we went by there and ate. . and then everyone just hung out and took naps. . James and Ian in the den, and Macey and me in the sunroom. . .Mamaw and Papaw were glad to have us over for a little while, even sleeping : ) After we got up we headed on back to the house to start playing with Ian's Wii. . .He can't wait. . and that is what we did. . .I had to work tonight, which is where I am right now. . .Blogging at work again. . What better job could you have? Merry Christmas and to all a good night. . . .

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