Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yes, It really was that Big!!!

One of my friends asked me the other night at church if I remembered the very BIG snowman that we built in my yard when we were kids. I remembered it well. . He told me to tell his wife how big it was, because she didn't believe him. . . I proceeded to tell her about it, but then when I got home. . I was thinking. . I know that I have a picture of the Biggest Snowman in the Entire world. . : ) And here it is. . . (overlook the bad hair-I was in the 6th grade in this pic) Yes, that is an umbrella for a hat. . . My parents had THE place to sleigh ride when we were kids. . .So everyone would congregate there to play. We had sleigh rode all day, and then this snowman was a group effort of about 15 or so kids. . . He was Awesome. . .Took him months to melt. . . So here is your proof Freddie!

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Kristie said...

That snowman rocked! Do you remember that people skied down the hill that time? Your hair looks phenomenal by the way. Don't sell yourself short. ;-)