Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Y" and "Z" are for...

"Y" is for "yes, I am almost finished with the ABC challenge" I have enjoyed it, but I am ready to move on to bigger and better things...I thought about quitting, but decided I would finish it up...So "y" es, I am almost done...Yippee!!! Yahoo!! Yeah!!!

and because I am so glad that I am almost done...I am going to do 2 letters in one post....Here we go..."Z" is for.....Hmmm..nothing really sticks out here is a few "z" words that came to mind...
zuchinni bread(my mom used to make this and it was yummy)
zorro(hero in a mask)
zero ( a really bad grade)
zechariah (books of the Bible)
Zeus( A Greek mythological character)
I think that is enough....of the z's...I am finished with the ABC challenge...finally...


BethAnne said...

I am glad for you! The alphabet thing must have been hard - did someone dare you to do it? hahhaha After all those letters of the alphabet, I thought Zoloft might be your Z thing. hahahah

Harmony said...

Oh! This looks like such a fun idea!
I'm visiting from the UBP :) Thanks for stopping by my site as well!