Sunday, April 6, 2008

"Wii" had a Great Weekend

We went to eat with the Hite's last night, and then to TCBY for some yogurt afterwards...Macey is spending the night with a friend, so we told Ian if he continued to do well in school, he might get a break from being grounded (he has been grounded since January). This six weeks his grades have made a huge turn around...he hasn't had any grades below an 89...All A's so far....If you know Ian, that is not normal for him at all...We have been going through some serious changes as far as school work is concerned, and I believe it is beginning to work....
So, needless to say, I tell you all that to say, we let him have Hunter(Ian's good friend since he was little) spend the night on Saturday night...When the boys come over they love to play the Wii...So, I had to steal a few shots of them playing...They were cracking me up...Ian and Hunter are hilarious anyway..."trash talking" each other....But always the best of friends afterwards =) Here are a few from the Wii games night...I think they were playing baseball in these pics.....I love the face Ian is making in this one...It cracks me up...He was pitching and Hunter was batting....Here is Ian partaking in a little "I am the Champion" chant.....They both love to rub it in if they are winning.....Typical boys....
They switched roles here...and Hunter is pitching...I took a ton of these, but I won't bore you with them...=)
Cade fell asleep on the couch while the Wii games were going on...He had a very long day...Up early for soccer on a yucky, muddy field(didn't want to get the camera out in the rain-therefore no pictures)...a birthday party for Kenny....and then Cade got to play at Kenny's house for a by the time he made it home, he was exhausted.....I popped some popcorn for the boys, and we all sat down together and watched "We are Marshall"...It was a very good movie...A very emotional movie...We loved it....I had never heard this story, until this movie came out....We give it a 5 stars!! I actually own this movie now...We rented it 5 months ago...and Blockbuster has this rule...when you keep a movie so is yours...(this was prior to FPU-now we know better) Well, off to church....We had a guest speaker this morning, and he did a great job....Hope everyone had a great weekend...I am just so glad to see the sun....It has rained for 4-5 days...and today it is sunny and warm...and I LOVE it!

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